Drunk driver falls asleep at the wheel; gun recovered


A drunk driver was arrested after he was found asleep at the wheel in the middle of the road in Bellefontaine.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office was called out to Township Road 217, near Scott’s Equipment Rental, and located a vehicle in the westbound lane of TR 217, east of the railroad.

Deputies observed a male in the driver’s seat, who was later identified as Kameron Mathison, 22, of Lewistown. Mathison was slumped back in the seat with his head resting on the headrest and his face towards the roof of the car.

Authorities noticed Mathison had his foot on the brake pedal, but his vehicle was still in drive.

Deputies opened the passenger side door and placed the vehicle in park.

Mathison finally woke up after several attempts made by authorities.

Deputies asked him where he thought he was and he responded in Lakeview, then Russells Point, and then he stated he was home.

While speaking with Mathison, authorities noticed signs of impairment. They also observed eight unopened beer cans and two open containers in the vehicle.

Mathison refused field sobriety tests.

He was placed under arrest for suspicion of OVI.

During a search of his vehicle, deputies located a 9mm pistol directly beside the driver’s seat. The gun was found with the magazine loaded with ten rounds of ammunition and one round in the chamber.

Mathison was transported to the Logan County Jail where he refused a breath test.

He was charged with OVI and using weapons while intoxicated.

Mathison’s license was seized.

The report was sent to the Bellefontaine Municipal Prosecutor’s Office.