Hodge Arrested for Domestic Violence


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a home just North of Bellefontaine early Saturday morning to a domestic violence situation.

The victim had locked herself in her bedroom and remained there until deputies arrived.

William “Mike” Hodge answered the door, invited authorities inside the home, and told them that the victim had pulled a gun on him.

The victim was located still locked inside her bedroom and allowed deputies to come inside.

She said that Hodge became irritated early that morning because he could not find the remote control for the television.

As he riffled through her belongings (in her separate bedroom) she asked him to stop.

Hodge then accused her of hiding the remote.

To get him to leave her room, the victim went to Hodge’s bedroom and began to riffle through papers.

He stormed into his bedroom, grabbed her, pushed her, and threw her around.

The victim retreated to her bedroom, and Hodge followed her.

After Hodge pushed her again, the victim grabbed a handgun from under her pillow on her bed and told him to leave her alone.

He left the room, she locked the door and called authorities.

The victim had recorded the entire situation and showed deputies the recording.

Hodge was placed under arrest and transported to the Logan County Jail.

He was charged with Domestic Violence.

Hodge has prior convictions of Domestic Violence in October of 2003 and Assault in March of 2004.