Homeowner Wakes up to Unknown Man in Kitchen; Steffey Arrested


Wednesday evening, a homeowner in Russells Point reported to police that an unknown man had walked into his home while he was asleep.

The victim stated he heard footsteps in his kitchen and when he looked out from his room he saw someone standing there with a shovel.

The homeowner said he called out to the man who started walking towards him with the shovel in his hands and asking “Where’s the computing box?” several times.

The homeowner asked the man to leave his home.

The man continued to demand the location of a “computing box” and claimed to be with the federal government.

The homeowner yelled at the man and told him there wasn’t a computing box and to get out of his house.

When the individual left the homeowner was able to call 911.

The homeowner was able to get a picture of the man and showed it to officers.

They were able to identify the man Frankie A. Steffey Jr., 34, of Russells Point.

Officers checked his last known residence and eventually found him on foot walking within the village.

He was immediately detained and placed under arrest then transported to the Logan County Jail.