Indian Lake Board approves HVAC project at the high school


Submitted by Jamie Ross

With one major facility project now complete, the Indian Lake Board of Education gave the go-ahead to update the HVAC at Indian Lake High School and expand air conditioning to the entire building.

The board gathered recently in regular session for their October meeting. Superintendent Dr. Rob Underwood reports that the year-long project to repair the leaking stucco areas and roof sections of the high school and middle school is finished. Covid-relief money paid for most of those fixes. Additional Covid dollars will now be used to pay for another major upgrade in the district.

Underwood says, “We’re really excited the board was able to make good use of those ESSR-Covid Relief funds that will help to improve the overall air quality and the learning environment for our staff and students.”

A recently completed project at ILHS and ILMS repaired areas of the roof and stucco that were leaking. Photo submitted by Jamie Ross.

The HVAC project will also include new ceiling grids and new LED lights down the corridors in the original 1968 portion of ILHS.

Superintendent Underwood says ESSR 2 Covid Funds will pay for approximately $770,000 of the estimated $1.3 million dollar project. The district will pay for the rest. The project will begin at the conclusion of this school year.

The next Indian Lake Board of Education meeting is set for Monday, November 21st at 6:30 p.m.

Detailed board notes:

Approved the Financial Report ending September 30, 2022, and Board Bills as presented.

Approved the minutes from the September 26, 2022, Regular Meeting.

Approved estimated resources and appropriations modifications, accepted the $2,000.00 donation from the Indian Lake Music Boosters to assist with the purchase of risers, accepted and created the fund for the $4,140.30 Ohio EPA Water Bottle Refilling Stations Grant, the fund for the $4,000.00 local grant from the James Forsythe Milroy Foundation, the fund for the $628.00 P-EBT Administrative Cost Reimbursement, and authorize the debt service payment of $1,813,618.75 for the building bonds due December 1, 2022.

Approved the Mid-West Regional Educational Service Center Substitute Teacher and Substitute Educational Assistants list dated 10/14/2022, approved substitutes, amended extra-duty special needs route contract, approved Thursday Night School Monitors, and approved supplemental contracts.

Substitute Teachers per the Paraprofessionals Serving as Substitute Teachers MOU:

Kathy Fulkerson, Jessica Hawkins, Jenifer Ignarski, Holly Klauer, Janelle Maul, Deb Metzger, Brandy Todd, Michelle Tuttle, Stacy Wisener, and April King** – MRESC employee; effective 10/20/2022 if approved by MRESC Board action.

Classified Substitute:

Jeff True – Custodian

Amend Extra Duty Special Needs Route Contract:

Holly Dalton – amend to 2 hours per day, 5 days per week (as needed) effective upon student 1104’s first day of class at Madison-Champaign ESC program

Thursday Night School Monitors ($15.00/hr.):

Dana Clune – effective October 6, 2022

Kelli Strayer – effective October 6, 2022

Approve the following supplemental contracts for the 2022-23 school year:*

Chris Anders* – MS Boys Basketball Coach, Category 5, 27 yrs. Experience

Todd Inskeep* – Volunteer Girls Basketball Coach

Ryan Lillard – HS Head Baseball Coach, Category 3, 9 yrs. Experience

Justin Metzger – HS Head Track Coach, Category 2, 5 yrs. Experience

Renee Metzger – HS Girls Basketball Assistant, Category 4, 4 yrs. Experience

Approve the Logan County School Employee Consortium Public Records Policy and Retention Schedule Resolution.

Approved the Resolution awarding a contract to Westerheide Construction Company for the high school HVAC upgrade project.

Entered into Executive Session for the purpose of considering the employment and discipline of a public employee or official of the School District.