Jeffersonville woman arrested on felony drug charge; meth recovered


A Jeffersonville woman was arrested on a felony drug charge Sunday afternoon just before 4 o’clock in West Liberty.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office stopped Amber Heilman, 36, for no functional headlights. She seemed very anxious and was making quick movements.

Heilman was asked to step out of the vehicle. She quickly grabbed a jacket from the back seat and insisted on wearing it.

Authorities conducted a terry pat on Heilman and felt two objects in her pockets that did not resemble a weapon.

Deputies advised Heilman they were going to pat her down again and she was asked if she was willing to empty her pockets.

She nervously laughed and pulled out a large number of candy wrappers and pressed her arm against her jacket to conceal an item from authorities.

Heilman was then advised to place all the items back in her pockets and if she dropped any of the wrappers, she would be charged with littering because she was “playing games.”

She was told to take the jacket off and place it on the hood of the patrol car.

Heilman complied and stated she did not consent to any searches.

K9 Thor was deployed and alerted on the vehicle.

During a probable cause search, deputies located a pink leather pouch in the jacket containing a glass pipe with methamphetamine residue, half a glass pipe, a sandwich bag containing a white crystal-like substance suspected to be methamphetamine, a baggy with meth residue, and a rolled up dollar bill that contained meth residue.

A tan cloth bag was located near the passenger seat that contained a glass marijuana pipe and a black plastic container with a burnt marijuana joint and a small amount of a green leafy substance.

Heilman was placed under arrest and lodged in the Logan County Jail.

A MOBILEDETECT test was done at the jail on the substances and a positive test for methamphetamine was returned.

Due to the felony drug charge, the misdemeanor citation was not served but was submitted to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office for their review.