Lakeview woman arrested on multiple charges


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a suspicious person inside a Lakeview business Thursday afternoon.

As the deputy entered the business Amy Bakle, 41, of Lakeview, immediately started talking excitedly and asked if the deputy was recording.

She then asked the deputy to step outside to talk multiple times and he refused.  Bakle began walking away and the store owner asked she be trespassed from the building.

Bakle was asked to leave the store and she did, but returned two minutes later.

She was told at least ten times she needed to leave the business and that she was trespassing.

At one point, Bakle asked the deputy to arrest her.

The deputy asked Bakle to leave several more times and when she didn’t comply he placed her under arrest for criminal trespass.

Bakle resisted arrest continuously pulling away from the deputy and screaming inside the business.

She refused numerous requests by the deputy to sit in the back of the patrol car.

Russells Point police arrived on the scene to assist.  Both Russells Point police and the Sheriff’s Deputy had to put Bakle inside the cruiser and make her sit down.  She still continued to resist even striking the deputy with her leg.  After they secured Bakle, the deputy noticed his hand was bleeding from the incident.

Bakle was transported to the Logan County Jail and charged with criminal trespass, persistent disorderly conduct, and simple assault (resisting arrest-causing harm to a police officer).

The Sheriff’s Office ran a criminal history of Bakle and found she has been convicted of disorderly conduct on three other occasions (2007, 2009, 2010).  All of the previous convictions were in another part of the state.