McBrien Lodged for Domestic Violence


William McBrien, 34, of DeGraff, was lodged in the Logan County Jail early Saturday morning.

A neighbor called the Logan County Sheriff’s Office when the victim knocked on their door, asking for help as they had been in an altercation with McBrien.

The victim claimed that McBrien had hit them with their car.

They were transported to Mary Rutan Hospital for treatment of injuries to their legs.

When deputies located McBrien, he said that he and the victim had gotten into an argument.

He claimed that he had hidden from them in the yard and that they had fallen several times while looking for him.

McBrien went on to explain that he did not hit the victim with their car.

Seeing contradictory evidence on the vehicle, McBrien was placed under arrest for domestic violence.

Deputies noted that McBrien had scrapes on his face and neck, and he said they were from the victim.

McBrien has previous convictions of domestic violence.