Reames Retires from Bellefontaine Fire Department


Bellefontaine Fire Department’s Assistant Chief, Shannon Reames retired Friday.

After serving his community for over 30 years he is hanging up his coat and plans to enjoy time with his family and other interests.

He began his career in DeGraff during his senior year in high school.

Serving that community for 14 years, he was the third generation in his family to serve there.

In October of 1998, he joined the Bellefontaine Fire Department, and that’s where he’s been ever since.

I caught up with Reames and chatted a little about things that he is taking away with him and what advice he has for others in the field:

Reames isn’t quite done serving his community yet, he plans to work part-time with Robinaugh EMS in Bellefontaine.

Thank you, Mr. Reames, for your service to our community!

Enjoy retirement.