Russells Point Needs and Instructions


From the desk of Russells Point Chief of Police, Joe Freyhof:

Thank you everyone for your amazing response to our community’s needs.

We have established the following resources for our residents:

  • Generators
  • Heavy-duty extension cords
  • Electric heaters
  • LED lamps
  • CO detectors

Residents of Russells Point who are sheltering in place and who need these supplies should call 937-843-2245 extension 108.

You will need to provide the following:

  • Address (must be within the corporation limits, this is identified by if you have a three-digit house number in the Village of Russells Point)
  • Name or Point of Contact
  • Phone number
  • Heating needs, as in how many rooms will need heat

Cleanup:(focused on Russells Point Residents)

  • Construction debris (wood framing, nails, shingles, vinyl siding, etc. can be taken to the Al Leppich Baseball fields on W. Elliot Rd.)
  • This IS NOT A DUMP SITE, debris must be loaded into the dumpsters
  •  Scrap metal roofing, siding, etc. can also be taken there and set in a pile, NOT put in a dumpster unless co-mingled with construction debris
  • Yard waste such as tree debris can be taken to the nature area on State Route 366 between Artist Island and the Spillway
  • Household waste can be bagged and taken to the Russells Point Recycling Center
  • Restricted items, not considered household waste: Tires, freon, large batteries, large household appliances, furniture, demolition debris, yard waste, and any other hazardous waste such as paint, cleaning chemicals, etc.
  • 943 S. Orchard Island Rd. Russells Point

Residents who do not have the means to move debris can create four piles in front of their respective homes or at the end of community blocks:

  • Construction debris
  • Scrap metal
  • Yard waste
  • Bagged household waste