West Liberty-Salem Board of Education discusses Tiger Time and field house project


The West Liberty-Salem Board of Education met in regular session Tuesday evening. Updates were given for a new learning model called Tiger Time, the state budget bill, and the planning of the field house.

Tiger Time is an intervention program meant to support elementary students who score in the 40th percentile or lower on the STAR test. In the 2022-2023 school year, the program serviced 235 students from kindergarten to 5th grade, showing significant increases in students’ overall proficiency.

The board also spoke about the state budget bill, stressing the importance of comparable vouchers between private and public schools, as well as the tracking of state tax funds.

The layout of the field house was then discussed. The building will include a gym, track, weight room, trainer’s room, locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, and storage and mechanical spaces. Depending on the materials and options selected, the project will cost between $3.4 and $4.4 million. With the design in place, the board now hopes to move on to funding for the field house.

Superintendent Kraig Hissong explains Tiger Time, the school’s response to the state budget bill, and plans for the field house:

The board also approved the resignations of Elementary Counselor Matt Westfall, who worked at the school for 35 years, Jill Brunke from her food service position, and Paraprofessional Regan Boyd.

Board members approved several items:

  • approved next year’s elementary school handbook;
  • approved revised high school fees (HS iPad & Technology Fee – $60.00; HS Communication Fee – $3.00; HS Paper Fee – $3.00);
  • approved revised middle school fees;
  • renewed elementary school fees at the same rate;
  • approved school volunteers Sylvia McKena Floyd and Jake Schaufelberger;
  • approved a change in days of kindergarten attendance (kindergarteners would not report to school on May 10th and 13th, 2024);
  • approved the non-renewal of all 2022-2023 Spring coaching supplemental positions;
  • approved the correction in position assignment for Mike Carter from Assistant Varsity Football Coach to Varsity Football Volunteer Coach;
  • granted the Superintendent the authority to fill vacant board positions prior to presenting the recommended person to the board;
  • approved the 2022-2023 Second Semester Bullying/Harassment/and Intimidation Report (1 incident in grades K-5; 2 incidents in grades 6-12);
  • approved Zaylor Eggleston and Katelyn Hulbert as student workers for summer maintenance;
  • approved custodian Shannon Hurst for a 1-year contract at Step 1;
  • approved Jim Smith and Pete Kenton as sub-custodians;
  • approved Annalisa Jenkins for a part-time, 3.00-hour Food Service Position on a 1-year contract at Step 0;
  • approved Christiana Beres and Cindy Dallas as Summer School Teachers;
  • approved Coralea Collins to be placed on the Master’s + 15 Pay Scale;
  • approved stipends for teachers who complete special trainings (95% Phonics Training – $125.00; CKLA Training – $75.00);
  • approved the contract with Levan’s Excavating for the excavation, installation, and paving of the overnight bus lot at the price of $296,500.00 and including the alternate – Ticket Booth approach for $12,200.00 for a project total of $308,700.00 based on all contract requirements being met;
  • approved the purchase of 3 network switches missed during the initial ordering process to replace the LAN/wireless network and access points at the cost of $14,123.28;
  • approved bus driver Trudy Bradley for a 2-year contract at Step 3;
  • approved the 2023-2024 Student Handbook and updates/changes. Minor changes from last year’s handbook include:

1. Slight change to HS dismissal time from 2:54 to 2:52 and MS dismissal time from 2:54-2:55 to help alleviate after-school traffic congestion.

2. Modified unexcused attendance consequence to include a written warning for the 3rd incident followed by a detention for the 4th.

The board also approved the following non-coaching supplemental contracts for the 2023-2024 school year based on all requirements being met.

West Liberty-Salem Teachers:

Renee Arnold — HS Technical Director

Renee Arnold — HS Drama Club Advisor

Renee Arnold — HS Student Council (1/2)

Crystal Johnson — HS Student Council (1/2)

Brandie Roberts — Leadership Academy/Link Crew (1/2)

Jeff Lynxwiler — Leadership Academy/Link Crew (1/2)

Brandie Roberts — Freshman Class Advisor (1/2)

Jeff Lynxwiler — Freshman Class Advisor (1/2)

Sean Stormes — Mock Trial

Kristen Hall — Senior Class Advisor

Taran Clapp — Quick Recall Team Advisor

Paul Waibel — HS Marching Band/Pep Band (9-12)

Paul Waibel — HS Instrumental Music (9-12)

Paul Waibel — MS Instrumental Music (5-8)

Paul Waibel — Musical Orchestra/Sound

Jess Haney — Sophomore Class Advisor

Jess Haney — Junior Class Advisor (Prom)

Jess Haney — Educational Technology Support

Jakob Schaufelberger — High School Vocal Music

Jakob Schaufelberger — Middle School Vocal Music

Jakob Schaufelberger — HS Musical Director

Jakob Schaufelberger — HS Show Choir Director

Jakob Schaufelberger — Elementary Vocal Music (1/3)

Bethany Smucker — Elementary Vocal Music (2/3)

Chris Smucker — Musical Set Coordinator

Surena Neer — National Honor Society Advisor

Cameron Spencer — MS Science Olympiad Advisor

Rebecca Symmat — MS Student Council/Yearbook (1/4)

Alycia Smith — MS Student Council/Yearbook (1/4)

Lori Milliron — MS Student Council/Yearbook (1/2)

Lori Milliron — MS Leadership/WEB Coordinator (3/4)

Brittany Warrick — MS Leadership/WEB Coordinator (1/4)

Abbie Henry — Elementary Student Council (1/2)

Alison McNabb — Elementary Student Council (1/2)

Brian Yoder — HS/MS Web Page Coordinator

Molly Smith — Key Club Advisor

Non-WLS Teachers:

Alysson Cotrell — Elementary Web Page Coordinator

Victoria Wilson — High School Yearbook Advisor

Aaron Gall — Assistant Marching Band Director

Barbie Williams — Band Auxiliary (Majorette Advisor) (1/2)

Sidney Roberts — Band Auxiliary (Majorette Advisor) (1/2)

Maverick Aldo — Band Auxiliary (Flag Corps Advisor)

Maverick Aldo — Choreographer for Musical

Trudy Bradley — Junior Class Advisor (Concession)

The meeting then went into executive session.

The school’s next board meeting will be held Thursday, July 20th at 6:00 pm.