West Liberty-Salem Science Olympiads Place 4th


Would you believe us if we told you there were high school kids who were willing to wake up as early as 3:30-4:00 am on Saturdays to take science tests and compete with devices they have built for up to 6 hours during that day?

Well, they do… And the hard work paid off for the West Liberty-Salem High School Science Olympiads.

There were only 3 members of their 11-member team pictured because 8 of them left early to participate in the musical.

Congratulations to the team who came in 4th place overall in their weekend competition.

The team is going to state for the second year in a row.

The following members placed individually:

  • Veronica Wall and Gavyn Greenhill placed 2nd in Air Trajectory
  • Sari Kitchen and Veronica Wall placed 4th Astronomy
  • Veronica Wall, Greyson Horsely, and Craig Stanford placed 3rd in Codebusters
  • Craig Stanford and Greyson Horsely placed 3rd in Detector Building
  • Veronica and Ben Wall placed 3rd in Disease Detectives
  • Ben Wall and Alexis Wisner placed 3rd in Ecology
  • Craig Stanford and Greyson Horsely placed 3rd in Flight
  • Craig Stanford and Greyson Horsely placed 4th in Forensics
  • Aiden Taylor placed 3rd in Fossils
  • Gavyn Greenhill and Alexis Wisner placed 5th in Scrambler
  • Sari Kitchen and Carter Titus placed 4th in Write It, Do It