Woman Issued Summons After Dumping Dog at Moose Lodge


The Logan County Dog Warden was called to the Moose Lodge in Lakeview because a dog was dumped there earlier this week.

Employees of the Moose called and told Deputy Boyd that a box was found near the back door.

When they watched the surveillance video, they saw a woman get out of a light-colored Honda and place the box by the back door.

A dog exited the box and ran away shortly after.

When Deputy Boyd arrived on the scene he did not find the dog and asked employees to contact him if it returned.

After a quick search for the vehicle seen on the video, Deputy Boyd located it at a home on State Route 235.

He spoke with Anne Davis, 55, of Lakeview, and she explained that she had left the box, containing a dog, at the Moose.

She said that she had inherited the dog after a friend passed away and, unfortunately, was unable to care for the extensive grooming of the dog.

Davis went on to tell Deputy Boyd that the people who go to the Moose had more money than she did and would be able to care for the dog.

Davis was issued a summons for abandoning animals and will have to appear in court.

Employees from the Mosse located the dog and turned it over to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office where it was placed in a foster home with a potential adopter.

Rather than dumping the dog, Deputy Boyd recommends contacting rescues or making arrangements to adopt the dog to someone else.